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How HUAWEI User Get Google Mobile Service Back and Install the Recommended Remote Controller App?

Due to the restriction US has been put out on HUAWEI, all newly updated HUAWEI phones will uninstall all apps from Google.
However, most of our recommended apps are recommended to be download from Google Play Store.
So, here are two ways to install the recommended Remote Controller App for HUAWEI phones.

The first method is just simply download the installation APK file and install it.

Before download the installation APK file, you will need to firstly enable “install unknown apps” by the following method:
1. Click the setting icon and go to “Security & Privacy”
2. Click “More”
3. Enable “download apps from unknown sources” and “Check apps from external sources”.

After that, click the link here to download the installation APK file and install it.

However, in some cases, you will need to use the Google Cardboard to re-scale the VR screen size to fit for DESTEK V5 or DESTEK Dream, and that is when you need to work the second method out.

The second method is slightly complicated, but bear with me, once you make it, you will be getting back to have the Google Mobile Service and able to use Google apps once again.

1. same as the first method, you will enable “install unknown apps” by the aforementioned steps.
2. Download and install the Google install app here:

3. Follow all the steps and complete installing all Google Mobile Service required apps including the Google Play Store.

4. Once you complete installing all the Google apps, you will be able to download apps from Google Play Store directly.

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